Friday, August 10, 2012

End of the first round of visits!

Here's what summer looks like at our house:

filled with food, and kittens and small children!

(This is the kitten deprivation face!) TRAGEDY!

Also, in major happenings: LargeBoy got his hair cut!



All the cousins we had at our house this weekend:

(It was MUCH harder than you would think to get this picture taken!)

Some people are better at "helping themselves" than others!

It was a great week--I am so blessed!


  1. What fun! I see Alison and her kids!!! Love the tiny, tiny kittens. We still need to come see you. Yes, need. Not just want. :)
    Your son looks SO different with his hair cut! A lot like his dad.

  2. You really do NEED to come see us! We have so much cool stuff around here!