Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Excitement Central

Things are really exciting here--which (along with a complete lassitude caused by unseasonal heat) has made me VERY slow to blog.

We have the cutie boy nephews this week, who will be joined for the first few days of next week by the cutie girl nieces! The Nephews are ages 4, 3 & 2. It is very fun to have littlies around again.

The plans for playing out on the grass have had to change, since all of my grass is brown, poky and dead. Sister Rachael, who reports into the Missionary Training Center in Provo TODAY, reports that Utah is greener than Ohio & Indiana--which means the whole world has been turned upside down!

Our mama cat thoughtfully provided us with 3 brand new kittens the day before we picked up the boys--and, instead of hiding them way back in a closet like last time, she had them in a corner of the Living Room, where the boys can lean over the arm of the couch for a great view--but no touching!

Last night we went on a field trip to see some goats, which was pretty darn exciting. We are doing lots of crafts and projects so we stay really busy, and nobody has time to get homesick. It's working so far! Tomorrow I am decorating a wedding, but I have BigGirl and LargeCousin, who are SO SUPER good with the boys (and SmallDaughter)--and they have planned a day full of pirate-y goodness!

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