Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fair Week

Well, we have survived another year of the County Fair All three of big kids (BigGirl, Largeboy & LargeCousin) did great on their 4-H projects. The girls both got blue ribbons on their clothing selection projects, but couldn't place in the overall competition because they (due to a conflict with Church Girls Camp, which they WOULD NOT MISS) had to have absentee judging which disqualified them. That was ok. Largeboy also got a blue ribbon on his electricity project, and placed third overall. We looked at all the animals (and felt grateful that we didn't have any entered this year!) We ate fair food. We rode rides. We physically carried a screaming SmallDaughter back to the car, because she NEEDED more carousel/car rides (after all, she only got SEVEN HOURS of continuous riding!)

We also have a DIFFERENT group of fun small people here visiting. There is a whole lot of kitty love going on at our house. The adolescent kitties are finally getting smarter and starting to run away when they see short people coming, but they are still willing to put up with almost anything for attention and love, so it works out great!

On a "happy for them, but not so much for us" note--some dear friends are moving back to Michigan this weekend. Town won't be quite so much fun, and the Bureau of Motor Vehicles DEFINITELY won't be! We will miss the Osko's.

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