Friday, March 13, 2009

An Interesting Insight

*Warning--Religious Content--if it offends you--don't read it!*

Last month, I went with a friend to a special Relief Society Women's Conference, put on by our stake. The speaker was awesome, and one of the main points I took away from it, was that to God, NOTHING is purely physical or temporal--EVERYTHING is spiritual. While I have always known this from a logical standpoint, that night it really struck me emotionally, and I realized that I need to focus on making the physical jobs that I do routinely (specifically laundry and dishes) into something spiritual. I have been pondering and praying about this since.

Tuesday night was our Ward Relief Society birthday social. It was charming, feminine and enjoyable. We talked about the many different stages we go through as women, and the lessons we learn in each stage. I shared my laundry quest, and that Heavenly Father has helped me with my gratitude by seeing how blessed I am to have an automatic washer AND dryer (and when it stops raining, I can hang things outside). Miss P pointed out to me what a beautiful analogy doing laundry is--we hand over clothes (or a life) that are filthy, nasty and stinky, and it is given back to us, clean, refreshed, renewed, and made useful again.

I will be much more mindful as I do laundry, now. It blesses my family, and teaches me, too! I wonder what other lessons I will find from this quest.

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