Monday, March 23, 2009

Sam is Engaged!

The handsome son of my dear friend L, just announced his engagement. We became friends long ago, when I was still at home, and my mom had her fullest house ever. In those days, Sam was a bright and sparkly 4 year old, with big blue eyes and strawberry blond hair.

My mom had OOODLES of smart, funny, opinionated, literate unschooled children. The oldest of us were big enough to start showing the results of years of home school. This was back in the days of "you do what? Is that legal?" whereas now, when you tell someone you are homeschooling the most common response is "I know somebody who does that..."

Anyway, we became friends with L, who was between my mom's age and my age, and who also believed big families are great. My mom inspired L to homeschool her children. L had a big family, with mostly boys. Those children are now big, and going into the world to change and shape the future.

I am happy that these good men were allowed to be little boys first--they wiggled, they made noise, they got dirty, they took up lots and lots of room, and made lots and lots of messes. I am proud of them. I am proud of the way they grew up as individuals. They have gentle hearts and are kind, loving and strong. Our future is in good hands with men like these.

I am proud of their mom. I hope I can grow up to be like her.

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