Monday, June 8, 2009

Bleary Day

Today time is doing that oddly jerky cha-cha (slow-fast-slow-slow-fast) that happens when I get really tired. Last night, for the first time in a VERY long time, I stayed up until 4am. In my life, I am frequently up at 4--but it is very different approaching it from the other end, so to speak! The reason I was up so late was a good one--talking and laughing with a couple of friends.

I am coping stunningly well (for me) so far. You must understand that I am an incredibly sleep dependent person. When I get my required number of hours, I am a powerhouse of energy and enthusiasm. That does not actually happen very often, so most of the time, I am in "coping mode", and get through the days in a relatively unscathed fashion. However, when I am sleep deprived, especially if it happens over the course of 2 or more nights, I begin to resemble Grendel's Mother in attitude, sweetness, and (horrifyingly) occasionally in appearance.

(Ironically, I also get a splitting headache when I am really tired!)

Today I have just done my little slogging along in very small steps and written down every single job that needed to be done, because exaustion robs me of the miniscule amount of memory that I have normally. But, plodding along in my little tiny baby steps, I got a wedding announcement rough draft completed, a beautiful bridal veil made (I got to see the dress yesterday--and I can honestly say it is perfectfor her--simple, elegant and classy), some laundry and dishes done--including my sheets* and my whole list of errands run.

It is always amazing to me, how much I can accomplish when I set my timer for 5 minute chunks. AND,--in a house with 2 extremely emotional pre-pubescent girls, one perpetual toddler and a long to-do list, we have all remained cheerful, AND no one has cried or screamed (so far!).

I consider it a triumph.

*Since I am FIRMLY convinced that one of the best feelings in the world is sliding a freshly cleaned body, with sexy clean teeth** into a freshly made bed, with crisp, silky, sunnshine scented (from drying on the line) 400+ thread-count cotton sheets. OOOOHHH!

**Don't laugh--running your tongue over your freshly scrubbed teeth is an incredibly physical sensation--pay attention when you brush your teeth tonight (luxiuriating in simple physical sensations everyday boosts your appreciation of the beauty that is already surrounding you).***

***See--I told you so!

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