Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Let the fun begin!

So here I am at the begining of my days of solitude(yeah, the kind of solitude that merely involves having SmallDaughter and the WonderDog, 24/7 by myself, so technically, not much solitude!) This has come about because my menfolk have gone on a 10 day camping/hiking/whitewater rafting adventure, and my 2 older girls (BigGirl and LargeCousin, who is staying with us all summer while her mom dutifully studies for the Bar Exam) are leaving for a week of camp. Also, best friend K has gone to Texas, to be a DUTIFUL DAUGHTER, because her mom had Ligament Replacement Surgery in her hand. This, despite the fact that K does not do well in heat, and is currently melting like the Wicked Witch of the West. She really is a good daughter.

I will not be bored during the solitude, as I have a list of jobs and projects that is almost a full page long, as well as a bunch of library books for fun. We have also stocked up on popsicles. The bronchitis crud is slowing me down, but I will perservere!

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  1. your right I do feel like the wicked witch of the west with a bruised butt and tender head. Miss you and love you