Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Update on The Solitude

Wow, it is fun! I sleep when I want, I eat when I want . I am trying to remember about eating well, it is going pretty well so far--I have a tendency to eat really badly when I am just feeding myself--"a batch of cookies makes a lovely breakfast, and then I can just eat the leftover cookies for the remaining meals"!, but this time I have had quite a fair bit of protein, fruits and veg, as well as toast (the other food group!)

I have managed to accomplish:

*Build and string a tomato trellis. (Pictures may be forthcoming)
*Clean out the chicken coop and lay down fresh sawdust (which involved HUGE amounts of chicken panic, and a bold--but futile--escape into the garage).
*Cleaned all the piles of junk out of the future chicken yard.
*Updated my Calendar
*Washed and put away LOTS of clothes
*Washed my fabulous sheets--and rejoiced in my fabulous bed!
*Paid the bills and balanced the checkbook
*Watched half of season 1 of "Pushing Daisies"
*Read for fun! And BOY, have I read! I found my new favorite thing-- On the "Robin McKinley" Blog--(the link is to your right and down a bit) on the upper left side is the link to "Pollyanna's Bookshelf"--recommendations from people who like the same types of books that I do! WHOOWEE! It hasn't steered me wrong yet! I just started at the top, and am going down, requesting the books that I haven't read yet from my library.

Which means, over the past two days, I have read (and enjoyed) Audrey, wait! by Robin Benway, I capture the castle by Dodie Smith, two by Gerald Morris The princess, the crone, and the dung-cart knight, and The savage damsel and the dwarf . I am currently reading The perilous gard by Elizabeth MariePope (It's a Newberry Honor book, and she wrote a book I love-The Sherwood Ring, so I have high expectations. I also read a fun one I grabbed off a library shelf-- Fancy white trash by Marjetta Geerling.

Lest you be too stunned by this list, I have to state that I have not gotten ANY form of housecleaning done. Sink FULL of dishes (I'm just eating out of the container, and washing forks as needed), Living room that looks like a small tornado went through it (true--and she has red hair!) vacuuming that is WAY past due. I'm just sayin'!

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