Sunday, August 9, 2009

Update on the week

I got to hold 3 cutie babies this week--sweet! We had a very fun bridal shower, but that means I will be super busy this next week, decorating the wedding. It should be great, I will attempt to post pix.

Next week we have the county fair, where (for the first time) my
4-H'ers will have livestock (i.e. chickens), so instead of cooking the food/making the project, dropping it off and then coming back to see what kind of ribbon you got (blue for my kids, of course!), we have to be there with the chickens, every day. It will be a very different experience. Also, they are due to begin laying any day now. (the chickens, not the children.)

Mr. Prism, My Favorite Gentleman, is off being chivalrous (with my dad), helping a very sweet and quiet divorced older lady move to her new home--2 hours away. He got this job because he has a cargo van. And because he is super nice. I am really happy for Sue who found a fabulous new job (not so easy in this economy), a nice apartment with a nice room-mate and had all of the pieces fall perfectly into place for her. But my guys won't be back until late.

Several people are on the prayer list--Miss Peggy L, who is in really bad shape (physically)--and the doctors don't know what is going on. The "good" news is that the tests for MS, Lupus, etc. came back negative. The bad news is, "what the @#$% is going on?".
Andy P. had a bad fall, I don't know how serious. Sue B. had a heart-attack and the blood thinners caused her previously unsuspected ulcer to have a bleed-out. Natalie W. had rotator cuff surgery (her second)--which I have heard is the most painful of all surgeries. Melanie A. is still having tons of health issues. Maryann B. is still recovering from her heart surgery.

And, in the midst of all this pain and angst, life goes on--babies are born, weddings are decorated, people do kind things for each other (many of them are for or by the same people I just mentioned!) The joy is there if you can see it.

I have a visiting sister (Miss V)for a few days, which is always fun. I am also experimenting with getting out of my comfort zone and cooking with herbs. My sisters would be so proud--I am using basil. (ok, it was only in my spaghetti sauce, but it's a start, right?) This year my (long planned, but even longer procrastinated) herb garden didn't so much grow as EXPLODE. (Need chamomile, anyone?)

I did make a really yummy chicken soup--and the herbs made it crazy good. Also, sitting out on the porch near the herb bed, with the scent of the mint combining with the dill is surprisingly fabulous.

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