Saturday, August 1, 2009

The most precious gift

I just talked to someone that I dearly love, that I have missed, lost and misplaced in my life for several years. My heart is too excited to sleep, and I am overflowing with love.

Last night I got to go and snuggle a sweet brand new baby boy. (Yep, the one from the previous post, who decided not to wait any longer!) His new parents are doing great with him, and I am confident that they will be wonderful parents.

I have gotten news of several expected new babies. How precious each one is. No matter how many babies come into my life, each one is a miracle.

Now, stop procrastinating, get off the computer, and go call someone who is precious to you, and tell them how much they mean in your life! Don't wait--procrastination only robs us of wonderful memories and good deeds that we could be doing.

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