Wednesday, August 12, 2009


SmallDaughter believes firmly in "food jags"--for days or weeks or months at a time (or years in the case of eggs), she WANTS one particular food--all day, for every meal. Then suddenly, (with no warning whatsoever) she DOESN'T WANT THAT!

Her new jag is actually pretty pleasant--waffles. For every meal. With crying, screaming on the floor tantrums if I try to suggest something else--like eggs or peaches (she really does love both of those things--but not as much as waffles right now!). Fortunately, it is pretty easy to make up a whole day's worth of waffle batter to have in the fridge. Also, I am not opposed to the occasional waffle myself--and at least this jag doesn't gross me out, like some others we could mention!

On the plus side---if you were a non-verbal person, and you wanted to express your EXTREME delight and pleasure in the parental figure who figured out what you want, and just got down the waffle iron (from it's new storage place on top of the fridge, which is the only place she can't reach it, get it out and plug it in as a hint to me!) how would you do it?
SmallDaughter has figured it out in a most charming and delightful manner--she simply grabs your arm and while grinning happily, kisses your elbow repeatedly, to show her approval! It is actually much cuter than it sounds--and you KNOW she is happy with you!

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