Monday, March 15, 2010

Listen to BigGirl Mix

Isn't it GREAT how God arranged families? I love having younger siblings who (after being their example for many years) are now teaching me a LOT! And, keeping me much cooler than I would be on my own! (On my own, I would be stuck listening to the oldies station, cursing about how they never play any of the "good stuff"--pathetic, really).

Specifically, they introduced my children to Ska music. I have heard about it for years, but never figured out that "Ska" was something I was already listening to!

So, here for your listening pleasure, is BigGirl's Ska mix.

Also, FYI, I am dedicating "The Phantom of the Opera" to Miss Rachael, who is both classic and funky!

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  1. Are you sure this is BigGirl's list. I am pretty sure it is actually mine.

  2. What? Did they not have "Canada" on the playlist? It's one of my favorites!