Wednesday, March 17, 2010

There it is--

A full week of random themed playlists. Hope you enjoy. It has been fun, I think I will do it again.


I am a firm believer in personal revelation--that God loves us, and will give us specific direction for our lives-if we ask Him. I believe that He wants FAR more for us than we do, and is much better at unlocking our full potential.

For the last several months, My Favorite Gentleman has been telling me that I should go back to school. However, unlike my good friends and siblings who are, even now, back at school (for perfect, specific things!), I had NO IDEA what I wanted to be "when I grow up"! I would go through the catalog and look at classes in exactly the same way I choose ice cream--wanting everything!

Yes, there are a few things that I could eliminate--I won't be a nurse or a teacher, and physicist or chemist is right out (they interest me, but I think it is a little late to acquire the math skills!). However, I really do want to learn to weld, learn about automotive and small engine repair, furniture building and recovery, sewing, yoga, cake decorating (don't laugh!), ASL, Latin Studies, and the list goes on!

I have been praying to know what program to go into, and when--(since a welding, sewing, history, CAD program doesn't seem to lead to a useful degree) and (once I kicked my prayers up a notch!) I have the answers*!

And, even better--it is not time yet, but it is time to start getting my ducks in a row, so when the time is right, everything will be in place!

I am going into (drumroll, wait for it...) Fashion Design & Manufacturing, with an emphasis on designing cute, modest clothes. Modesty with flair! I can't believe how excited the whole idea makes me!

When my little sister A went back to Culinary School, she was excitedly describing her course curriculum, and asked me "doesn't that just make you excited?!"
Culinary School (while I wouldn't mind it) didn't light any sparks, but reading the course list for a Bachelors Degree in design--well! "Flat Pattern/Draping I & II, Fashion Technical Drawing, Apparel Prototype Production and Analysis"--Now THAT is my language! It excites me even to read about it!

And I am glad that I don't have to do it right this minute--When dear Miss K decided to go back to school, she applied on Wed, and started on Monday! I have too many things going on at once to start right now, but I am excited for the future!

*You know it's revelation when it is an idea that never crossed your mind before, and it is perfect!


  1. Wooohooo!!!! That is totally Marie. Hey do you mind making it in sizes that are actually the sizes? You know, like mens clothes come in.

    Ethan thinks you could make a fortune taking other companies clothes and then putting real sizes on them. That way women could really buy clothes without trying every single thing on. Of course you are talking about little girl clothes not adult so that might be a different game.

    So exciting!

  2. I am talking first about Prom, Formal & Wedding Gowns, but I see a HUGE need for womens clothes that have decent sizing and fit real women. You don't even want to get me started on my rant about Women's Clothing Sizing! Like the fact that Darcy (5'1") and I (5' 10") BOTH wear size 12 pants! OK, WHOSE bright idea is that? 9 inches in height difference, yet we wear the same size pants? Obviously NOT!

  3. just when i read it i was like "of course, that makes so much sence for Marie!" it is so funny when we are given revolation and the idea is so perfect and fitting we say "now why didnt i think of that before?"

  4. A few thoughts from your younger brother:
    I am going to school even as we speak, yet I still have no idea what I want to be when (if) I grow up.
    I agree 100% about wanting to do everything. Even things I am not good at I find interesting!
    I started School two weeks late after not having done anything for 5 years. tough but worth it, I know you'll do great.
    I think that sounds like a great major for you. That being said, when I read the course list it kind of went right over my head-so I'm glad it got you excited!
    Although I was thinking maybe you should get a degree in modern art sculpture design, based on historical events, possibly the only major where you can use welding, sewing, history, and CAD programming all at once. In fact, now that I right it down I think I'll change my major to that!

  5. I still think you ought to investigate working for LEGO (yes, I AM serious--you have great qualifications, PLUS it would take care of that whole "growing up" business!) Plus--imagine the perks!