Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I am, by nature, a list maker. I especially love to make lists of music of similar types (the right music for breaking up, moving, chess championships, whatever!) So, for the next week, each day, I am posting a playlist with a particular theme. Just for fun. No, there is no particular significance, except they come together in my head.

You are welcome to leave comments and suggestions if I have missed any songs that fit the theme. Who knows, I may just add them (or maybe I left it off because that particular song gives me hives and stomach cramps?).

I am leaving my main playlist up in the sidebar--it has lots of lovely music. The theme lists are much shorter (4 to 10 songs, usually).

And so, today's entry is "Lady"


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  1. I am kind of surprised that Bob dylan doesn't give you stomach cramps and hives. I only recently discovered that I like a lot of his songs, but usually not when he sings them.

  2. Ha! Actually, all Dylan except LLL give me stomach cramps and hives! I find most bands have at least one song that is bearable (if not excellent). He is very pretentious tho. (and UGLY---wow, right up there with Keith Richards--whoo!)