Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 28: Something that stresses you out

Most of the things that really stress me out are actually consequences of my own choices:

I hate being late, but I don't plan enough time or I try to jam too many last minute activities in. I like a beautiful, calm, tidy house, but I would rather sit and read a book (or six) than do housework.

Other drivers on the road stress me out, and I am very vocal about my road rage--commenting on the other driver's habits and lifestyle choices (which makes LargeBoy tell me I need to be kinder and less judgmental).

But, all in all, I try to be pretty mellow.

In other, completely unrelated stuff:

I got to go to a beautiful temple wedding this week. I cried, even before the Bride & Groom came in. I also decorated their reception for them:

I didn't get any good pictures of the decorations, but here is an idea:

We had a great weekend staying with friends and not getting enough sleep!

Also, today BigGirl and I went to the eye doctor, and got our new glasses ordered! Yay! Let there be vision for all.

My Favorite Gentleman has a new job. Yay! Yay! For those of you who heard me rant about his previous employer--rejoice with us! For everybody else--trust me, this is a GOOD THING!

In sadder news, one of the orange kittens passed away. We aren't really sure why, it just started having problems one morning.

PS--it seems to be taking me an extraordinarily long time to cover 30 days! Sorry!

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  1. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I can't wait to tell Ethan about the new job!

    I hope Phebe's neck loving of your kittens didn't kill it. Sorry that it is gone.