Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 30: a picture of yourself this day and 5 good things that happened since you started the challenge

OK, I am totally bagging the picture of myself--the camera has wandered again, it is past my bedtime, and I keep looking fat in pictures (I have NO IDEA why, just hand me those Oreo's, ok?).

Five good things that have happened since I started this challenge:

1. I got t0 see or talk to almost all of my siblings. It was MARVELOUS!

2. My dear hubby and I went on an awesome weekend date. We had fun together, and (wise man that he is) ate good food (I am MUCH nicer when I am well fed!), and went to see The Avengers (at the 12:20 showing--12:20 in the afternoon, cause that's how we roll!).

3. I got to go to the Columbus Temple with my youngest sister as she received her endowment. My sweet hubby and I were the proxies to seal his Grandparents together for eternity.

4. LargeBoy went on a 3 week trip, and while he was gone, he went from 1/2 an inch shorter than his mom, to 1/2 an inch taller! When I asked what they put in the water, he told me "concentrated awesome!".

5. My life continued in it's busy, crazy, fun, blessed way. Lots of tiny miracles occurred. We got a particularly gorgeous early spring. I actually got most of my garden planted. Also some mulching of flower beds has happened. My wonderful children spent time with excellent friends. My husband got a new job. Beautiful babies were born. Life is very good.

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