Sunday, April 5, 2009


Interesting how familiar terms are used in a different way by yours truly.

For instance, when other people use the term "spinning" it means (1)whirling around in one place either on your cute little feet or on a swing (VERY popular when I was about 4--less so since then) or (2) a trendy term for a plain old stationary bicycle (still pedaling away, still never getting to see anything!)

HOWEVER, in my life spinning means the extremely old fashioned method of twisting wool or other fibers into yarn. Also, my "Fiber Friends" Group has nothing to do metamucil, laxatives or "regularity", but is a delightful group of ladies who enjoy making tremendously creative things out of various fibers--spinning, weaving, knitting...the list goes on and on!

Which brings us to my version of "bookmaking". Unlike the usual usage of "being a bookmaker" or "making books", mine has nothing to do with gambling. It is (again) the very old version of the word--literally making books. I learned how to bind books to make a few super-special Christmas gifts, and like so many other aspects of my universe, it has taken on a life of it's own. I have been doing some more today. OOOHH!

When I get a working camera again, I will post some pictures.

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  1. I work in the Book Repair at the Library on campus. My job is to make all types of repairs for books and that even means binding. I especially love making new cases for the ancient manuscripts that roll into the conservation department on those delightful wooden dolleys. Right now I am paper mending and rebacking a book written by a man in the 1940s about how to land yourself a decent woman and keep her in her place.

    Its a riot.