Thursday, April 9, 2009

Old museums

There is nothing quite like an old museum for collecting a strange bunch of stuff. Our Cub Scout troop went to see our local old museum (the oldest in the county) today. I have never been to this particular museum, and it did not disapoint.

Every time I have a wave of nostalgia for times gone by, I am forcefully reminded of the wierder aspects of Victorian society. In this case "the largest collection of anthropomorphic displays in the country, including a chicken and duck tea party, a frog and rat band and a duck wedding". However, in real life these are SO MUCH WIERDER than the description!!

Yes, they are little scenes with taxidermied animals playing the major parts--although for the tea party it is with the heads of said fowl mounted on little doll bodies. Also there is one that defies all logic and attempts at accurate description--imagine a doll, with the head made out of a giant lobster claw, with a small fur hat. (I told you--defies logic, at least!) What were those Victorians thinking?? These scenes were very popular at one time (URGG!)

Fortunately, the rest of the museum was neat! Cool local history, an informed and passionate guide, something to interest everybody (antique guns & WWll era plane models for the boys, spinning wheels and antique clothes for me, native american (from both North & South America) artifacts for BigGirl ).

We will definitely be returning.

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