Saturday, April 11, 2009


We have a semi-tradition. That means that on some years(ahem, last year), I drop the ball and forget to plan it, or other stuff happens, but we usually have our traditional easter gathering.

I love having an all-ages easter egg hunt. It works out very well. We have in the family, a HUGE box of plastic eggs, collected over the years, which live at Grandma's house. I have the best yard for parties. Everybody brings a potluck thing and a bag of candy (or whatever) to fill the eggs with, and a good time is had by all. Grandma is also GREAT at hiding the eggs.

We have a little ones hunt inside the fence--basically walk around picking the eggs up like manna from the ground. The bigger people--anyone who wants to--go out to the larger yard, and rush around like maniacs! It's great! Then we have fun sitting around eating and talking.

I do love having parties where you don't need to bring a checkbook!

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  1. I really wish we could have been there for your easter party. I know I would have had more fun with your family than I did with the husband family, with them its always Bad Drama with you its always good drama.

    Love ya