Saturday, April 25, 2009


A little update on some of the things that are going on:

Here are the promised pictures!


The chicks have tripled their size and are mostly feathered out. Their heads are still fuzzy, but their bodies definitely have feathers. Also, their curiosity has been fortified with boldness, so now we find them perched on the light, on the water bottle or any other place they can get too! They have also tried some yummy bugs--the kids delightedly gave them worms and slugs from the garden, which they loved!

This picture really doesn't show the size difference. They are at least 4 times bigger than they were 2 weeks ago, and they eat at an astonishing rate (you know the old thing about eating like a bird? Apparently that means eating all the time , several times your own body weight each day !)


Mostly sewing this week.

I finished the First Communion Dress. She looks like an angel. (I am promised pictures, and will post them as soon as they arrive).

I also made a baby bonnet (spur of the moment, no pattern--easy peasy actually!) out of some remnants on hand. Except-- I forgot the little fact that this sweet girl is less than half of my newborns (who were practically linebackers!) So, as you can see--it is a little bit large!

Baby Sweetcheeks modeling the bonnet! (She doesn't seem too impressed does she?)

Here is her Grandpa modeling the bonnet for her!

I have been "modesting up" some dresses for various girls for the school dance. I have finished one, and am working on another, and will probably alter yet another.

I also ran support for My Favorite Gentleman as he did a construction sidejob (so that we can pay for the entire brake system that went out on my car!)

I have 2 rowdy boy cousins here with LargeBoy, and they (Oh raptures of delight and joy!) got permission from the neighbor to fish in his pond!

We have an unexpected houseguest. MFG's buddy from high school was passing through a few weeks ago (in his job as a traveling home theater system salesman), and stayed for a few days. Then he got back on the road, got to a large city in a nearby state and called us at 5 am, because he had been shot! In the leg. With a 45 caliber handgun. He is now here recuperating. It was a botched robbery at a bad motel. He got shot in the upper leg, and it missed both the bone and the artery. He is very lucky. I am not sure how long he is here for, but it is nice to have someone who appreciates whatever I cook, and thinks leftovers are a privilege!

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