Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Laugh

I have had a lot of busy stuff going on in my life. Not bad--just busy (for example, the boys & I picked about 10 gallons of grapes and made homemade grape juice this week--SOOOOOO much better than store bought! But lots of work.)

Anyway, I just wanted to post 3 things that made me laugh this week:

1) SmallDaughter has started to tell knock-knock jokes. It is pretty funny to watch, since she can't actually say the words, but she knows what to do--so she knocks on something, you say "who's there?", she says "OOH", you say "OOH-who?" and then she laughs hysterically! Then, she does it again. It is very cute.

2) One of my favorite blogs posted one that just made me laugh, so I am going to quote him:
"I'm late again, but I just had few points that I thought were kind of interesting, that I wanted the world to be aware of.

1. A bad simile is like a unicorn on a motorcycle fighting a grizzly bear in a hang glider: It just doesn't make sense... No matter how good it sounds.

2. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but when you combine them, you can make a catapult. I think that further experimentation may be required.

3. Often, people make me do things I don't really want to do at all. When I ask them why, they tell me it's because I need to learn how to these things for later in life. I respond that I don't mind paying other people to do things I hate, and they tell me to get to work. From this, I deduce the following:
People like to watch me doing things I hate."

Thanks, genghiz cohen over at "I'm not Longwinded, You're Short".

3) (and you know I'm a geek when I tell you this made me laugh my pants off!) I found this little jewel:

Lines from Star Wars that can be improved if you substitute the word "Pants" for key words...

We've got to be able to get some reading on those pants, up or down.

The pants may not look like much, kid, but they've got it where it counts.

I find your lack of pants disturbing.

These pants contain the ultimate power in the Universe. I suggest we use it.

Han will have those pants down. We've got to give him more time!

General Veers, prepare your pants for a ground assault.

I used to bulls-eye womp-rats in my pants back home.

TK-421... Why aren't you in your pants?

Lock the door. And hope they don't have pants.

You are unwise to lower your pants.

She must have hidden the plans in her pants. Send a detachment down to retrieve them. See to it personally Commander.

Governor Tarkin. I recognized your foul pants when I was brought on board.

You look strong enough to pull the pants of a Gundark.

Luke... Help me remove these pants.

Great, Chewie, great. Always thinking with your pants.

That blast came from those pants. That thing's operational!

A tremor in the pants. The last time I felt this was in the presence of my old master.

Don't worry. Chewie and I have gotten into a lot of pants more heavily guarded than this.

Maybe you'd like it back in your pants, your highness.

Your pants betray you. Your feelings for them are strong. Especially one... Your sister!

Jabba doesn't have time for smugglers who drop their pants at the first sign of an Imperial Cruiser.

Short pants is better than no pants at all.

Yes, pathetic I know...but they all made me laugh!

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