Sunday, September 6, 2009

Well, that was a nice idea (sigh)

So today, in a mad fit of organization (they come upon me sometimes, like "fits" in old novels) I was cleaning out files on my computer. You know the to-do lists from last year, flight information, and stuff like that, and I found this little jewel:
(Which I will now transcribe in its entirety.)

Blog plan

“A Prismatic Life”

Home birth
Life Skills
Makeup artist
Fiber arts
Life Answers
Special Needs Parenting


Boy isn't THAT optimistic! Yes, those are all things I feel strongly about or have skills in/ideas about. Out of 14 items I planned to blog about, my blog only seems to contain 4 of them. FOUR! And, while I was counting, I went to my "contents" list, to check how many labels I have--158! WHOA!! And none of those seem to be "costumes", "makeup artist" etc...

Well, at least I know now what the heck I thought I was doing!

However, if you are looking for the "explanation"--you can find that as the first post (March 2009). It explains where the name came from, at the very least.

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