Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 22: What’s in your purse?

OK, I'm Back!

Whew! Some great partying was had, some resting and recuperating, and now I am finding my way back to my groove!

SO, the official topic is "What's in your purse?"

For a long time, I didn't even carry a purse, because of my tendency to have a huge bag of EVERYTHING. Now I have a not hugely big purse, that has a lot of nice pockets, and holds the weird stuff I need to have with me quite well.

So--starting at the top, going left to right:

A Pass-along card (you can find out more, here)
Our Handicapped Parking Tag (which I ONLY use when I have SmallDaughter and the WonderDog with me--and I get IRATE about people who abuse handicapped spots!)

Feminine Supplies, Allergy Pills, Bandaids
Pill Bottle (with everything I might need--SmallDaughters Prescriptions, Aleve, Melatonin, Tylenol, etc.)
Lysterine Breath Strips--both for me, and for the ultimate punishment for SmallDaughter, "hotmouth" which is reserved for biting or for taking off her seatbelt in a moving car!
"Lip-Junk"--Clinique Lipstick (I have been spoiled and can no longer use cheap lipstick!), and a "Mounds" flavored lip balm that was a Christmas gift from LargeBoy. (I use the "chappie" more than the "lippy")
SmallDaughter's medication log for doctor visits

SmallDaughter's Tape Supply--the cheapest tape Walmart carries, which is the very best kind for taping down sleeves, gloves and cuffs, and cloth medical tape, for apply directly over the wounds, to slow down the picking (and hopefully allow them to heal).
JoAnn Fabric, Pet Supplies Plus & Sam's Club Coupons.
My FlyLady Wallet LOVE! (So thin, so well organized!)
GPS--which I HAVE to have, since my green minivan only has working dashboard gauges occasionally--so the GPS works as my speedometer.
Checkbook (yes, I still use it--not often, but enough!)

Supply of rewards and treats for WonderDog, as well as "emergency poop cleaning supplies" for both of them! (truly, the WonderDog has only had 2 accidents in 5 years, and both were my fault for not letting him "go" before we left the house!)
Pens & Pencils--for list making, calendaring and entertaining LargeBoy who is perfectly happy with a pencil, paper and being left alone!
Lotion (always in a yummy "food scent"--I really dislike most flowery scents, but I LOVE the food ones. Current favorite is Bath & Body Works "Lemon Vanilla" which smells like a lemon cake!) YUM!

There should also be a package of kleenex in there, but poor BigGirl's sinus junk has used them all up!

Also, there is almost always 1 or 2 books--and this purse can even hold a hardback nicely!
I would also like to express my gratitude to this post for making me clean out my purse!


  1. That was so fun to read about and see everything in your purse! It felt like sneaking, but without getting in trouble! I'm curious what smalldaughter uses the tape for. Melinda's son Alex goes through tape like crazy. He's always taping pictures and toys to the walls.

    1. If you click on "tape supply"--it will take you to the post on how she is taped into her clothes. When you feel like it is stressful dressing your children, imagine taping down 2 layers of every item she wears, so that the ONLY exposed skin is her face--and feel glad for "regular" kids!