Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 26: Your Dream Wedding


This is asking for a WHOLE LOT more information than anybody really has time for! For those of you who don't know, decorating weddings is one of my main hobbies, so I have LOTS of opinions!

The single most important part of any wedding is marrying the right person, in the right place, at the right time, for the right reasons. The best place in the world to get married is the temple--I got married in the Temple in Washington, DC.

My opinions on wedding receptions have changed a lot (mainly as I have helped with/attended dozens of them!)

I really think the reception is a party the Bride & Groom (and maybe their parents) host to thank all of the people who have loved, taught, supported (and not killed) them as they grew up!
Which means that it should have a LOT less emphasis on "being the most beautiful day of my life" and a LOT MORE emphasis on being fun, entertaining, and a true reflection of what is important the the main participants.

If people spend less time/money doing what Martha Stewart says is "proper" and more time/money following their hearts, a better time will be had by all!

There are a few ideas that I LOVE and want to share:
  • It is perfectly fine NOT to have "attendants". Saves a lot of stress and money, too.
  • Or, you can just give them a color swatch, and let them find a dress they can wear again!
  • Instead of having everyone watch the bride and her father dance, one couple opened the daddy/daughter dance up to all of the fathers and daughters. It made it so sweet and meaningful--for everyone, not just a few people. You can do this with other dances, too.
  • BigGirl always wanted to be a flowergirl, but none of her aquaintances needed one (Temple Weddings), so she plans to have wreaths, tutus and tiny bouquets for ANY little girls who want them at her wedding!
  • There are some really cute ideas for footwear, boutonnieres, cakes and everything else you can think of online. Just remember that making it fit your personal style is WAY more important than what Martha says!

PS--the average cost of a wedding in this country is $27,000! That is RIDICULOUS! No one should spend that much money on a party--let go of some of the perfection and spend the money on a house, a car or starting your new life together without any debt!

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