Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day 16: Dream house


That is a tricky one. The house I live in is pretty much ideal for this stage of my life. It is comfy old Victorian, built to be a family house. It is, as my dear Auntie said "like a pretty girl in an ugly dress". The ugly has improved somewhat over the course of my tenure, but, having SmallDaughter does limit me (as does being really lazy about house stuff!). She has written on (and painted on, and deodoranted on, and ...) EVERY SINGLE SURFACE in the house.

These are a couple of random pictures I found, I am not even sure exactly when they were taken. I think it tells you something about my life that, as dramatic as these are--they are such a part of my "normal" life that I had totally forgotten this incident. Which, by the way, was INK.

So it is very hard to get excited about spending lots of money to redo something, when it is just going to get markered up, so the interior stays mostly the same. Except the kitchen. WOT WOOT!


This picture, which was taken for something TOTALLY different, shows off the kitchen counters pretty well. The "blue" post shows off the @#$%^&* floor tiles. Thankfully, both are gone now!

I was feeling pretty proud of myself for having BOTH "before" and "after" pictures--FINALLY!, BUT, it seems that the computer has eaten all of the "after" pix, and I don't have time to hunt them down. So, I will try to post some soon. Sorry.

Anyway, if I had unlimited money and time, I would LOVE to build an underground house. This one inspired me, and it inspired my mom, and she actually went to see it--so imagine her disappointment upon finding that it had been purchased by a developer, bulldozed, and a community of McMansions built on the spot. I have actually talked to Paul Isaacson (who is a very nice guy) and he gave me some suggestions. I love the idea of an inner and outer greenhouse dome, so you can have light, grass and a garden year round--and still live in the north! I also love this one.

I really love the idea of living with the land, not against it, and using creativity to make a home that lives.

But until then, I really do love the one I am in (I just wish I could repaint it--I am getting rather tired of giving directions to "the big white one that really needs painted"--and having everyone find it easily!).

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