Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 25: Put your iPod on shuffle, first 10 songs


I got an ipod for Christmas, because I begged my sweet hubby to give me the really nice Nano he found IN A SWAMP he was working on 2 years ago (we honestly tried to find the owner, no luck), and since he is a technophobe and never used it, I wanted it.


I have loaded it with awesome cheap(-ie free)stuff  (Conference Talks, Scriptures, University Lectures,etc) but the only music it has is what the previous owner loaded. And that is (for the most part) pretty heinous. It only has the few Brad Paisley songs that I don't like, LOTS of Toby Keith and oodles of Eminem. Hurk.  I am too cheap to pay for music just now, so I just use it like a portable talk container, not a music player.

So, if you want a more accurate sample of MUSIC, the first 10 (randomly shuffled) songs from my PLAYLIST are:

1. Misguided Angel by Cowboy Junkies
2. What am I Doing Here by The Moody Blues
3. Our House by Madness
4. Indiana Wants Me by R. Dean Taylor
5. Drive by The Cars
6. Jar of Hearts by Christian Perri
7. Down by the Water by The Decembrists
8. I Feel Love by Donna Summer
9. Lovin' in My Baby's Eyes by Taj Mahal
10. Life Will Go On by Chris Isaak

*AND--If you have music taste that is as weird and random as mine, you are welcome to listen to my playlist--just to your right, over there! (It's the green box).  Enjoy!  Or not, as you wish!

Also, Thanks Dedra, for helping me not hate Blogger quite as much!  (Look, no frothing or spit on the monitor--things ARE improving!)

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