Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Grand Day Out

I didn't have time to post today, because we had a field trip. To the costume museum. At Kent State University, which has one of the top 3 fashion design programs in the country. AHHHH. So good! BigGirl and I went together, with the 4-H Food, Clothing & Sewing Board members (she is on the FCS board). SmallDaughter went and had an awesome playdate with her friend Hannah, for which I am amazed and grateful to Hannah's mommy! We saw displays of Resist Dye technique from around the world, Civil War Fashions, Swimsuits of the 1800's, and a really cool designer who is one of the instructors in the Fashion School. She had some amazing wedding dresses, which (of course) I loved. The displays are completely changed every year, so none of them were the ones I saw on my last visit. LargeBoy has left for his Utah trip, so he is somewhere in the middle of the flat states tonight. I also talked to my beloved brother for his birthday! No matter how old you get, N, remember--I am always that much older than you are!

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